Extraordinary Service

Recognizing employees for their milestone years of service and show appreciation for their loyalty and dedication by AWARDING them with something special, something extraordinary. Celebrate the number of years of service your organization chooses to acknowledge and enjoy the art of giving from a selection of extraordinary gifts.

Common recognition years of service are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years and beyond, but the choice is yours. However, early-year recognition is becoming increasingly popular for organizations to demonstrate how they value the newer employees and to encourage a dynamic and growing corporate culture. I Salute U can create and customize your anniversary gift packages relative to years of service with easy access through the I Salute U website.

Our gift catalogue exhibits gifts that have been specifically chosen for it’s quality and uniqueness. Be sure to include some of the Extraordinaire Artists Collections into your package to allow your employees the best choices. Gifts are not embossed with company logos unless requested.

Extraordinary Health and Safety

Recognizing individuals, teams or the whole organization for their exemplary health and safety record.